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CPAP Treatment Alternatives

Do You or a Loved One Hate Wearing a CPAP?

Many people who have trouble sleeping that have recently used a CPAP appliance so they could sleep better are reporting that they didn’t like it. If you tried and don’t like CPAP because you thought it was too bulky, too uncomfortable and/or just too loud, you’re definitely not alone.

Other CPAP issues include the masks being too tight making them uncomfortable to wear, the machine being too heavy making it difficult to transport and use in another location and overall the CPAP machine just being too difficult to use.

Fortunately, there are alternatives for those of you who are currently suffering from a sleep disorder that are just as effective, yet more comfortable and more simple to use.

Get to the root of the problem
The fact that sleep problems are often dental related means that there’s a dental solution available that can help you stop snoring so you can sleep better. The fact that many people don’t understand that a dental solution can help their snoring problem means that there’s a lot of people who are still in need of finding a cure for their snoring problem.

Snoring is a dental problem because it can be corrected using a dental solution, which usually requires wearing a custom made mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is specifically designed to keep your tongue from blocking your breathing passage, which is the cause of your snoring.

Quiet and comfortable alternatives
Instead of using CPAP, there are other alternatives available that you may find are going to work better for you. These oral appliance therapy options are turning out to be extremely beneficial when it comes to finding a solution to your snoring problem.

An orthotic, also known as a mouthpiece or sleep mouth guard, can be worn when sleeping and works by preventing the tongue from falling back and blocking your breathing passage.

An orthotic is custom made to fit your mouth so you can expect it to be comfortable while it’s doing its job. Using an orthotic is often preferred over CPAP because it’s easy to use, comfortable to wear and doesn’t make any noise.

Surgery is an option for those who hate CPAP and aren’t able to handle wearing an oral appliance when they sleep. Although surgery is often a last resort, it has a high success rate and tends to be more of a permanent solution.

Find out what’s right for you
It’s necessary for you to have an evaluation performed in order to understand which CPAP alternative is going to work best for you. Call our office at (704) 413-3688 to schedule a consultation.

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