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Dizziness and Vertigo

Do you ever feel like the room you’re in is spinning, or that you’re seeing two of everything? When these things happen, it tends to make us feel dizzy, which can eventually lead to vertigo.

If you’re currently experiencing any dizziness, which essentially means that you’re feeling very lightheaded, it can be difficult to perform your everyday activities. If you’re experiencing vertigo, you may not even be able to stand up because your balance is completely off, making it hard for you to move at all.

Although many people tend to think that they’ve done something wrong that’s making them feel dizzy or experiencing vertigo, it can actually be happening through no fault of your own. In fact, dizziness and vertigo are often related to one having problems in the teeth and jaw area.

The causes of dizziness and vertigo
When your jaw is in its correct alignment, the teeth, jaw muscles and jaw joints are all working together exactly as they’re supposed to. When your jaw is not in its correct alignment, it means that the upper and lower teeth aren’t meshing together as they’re supposed to.

The reason why you might feel dizzy is because when your jaw muscles and jaw joints are out of balance, it puts additional force on the temporomandibular joint, which in turn gives out confusing signals to the brain regarding your balance.

Continuing jaw-related problems can result in one acquiring TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), which can range from the very mild to the very extreme. If you’re someone who thinks they may have a TMJ problem, then this probably means that you’re not only experiencing vertigo and/or dizziness, you’re probably experiencing other TMJ-related problems too, like jaw pain, nausea and maybe a migraine.

Because a TMJ problem is a dental related problem, there are some dental solutions and treatment options available that could work for you.

Can it be treated?
The most popular treatment for a TMJ problem includes using orthotics, which are dental devices that are specifically created for you that are worn to reduce any stress taking place in the jaw area.

Sometimes a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary, which is completely dependent on the severity of the TMJ diagnosis. These dental options work because their goal is to correct any jaw misalignment that is taking place.

Find out what’s best for you
In order for us to conclude if your vertigo and/or dizziness is related to a current TMJ problem, we would like for you to contact us now at (704) 413-3688 so that we can decide what the best course of treatment is going to be for you.

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