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Ear Ringing and Eye Pain

Those who experience ear ringing, ear pain, or eye pain, often wonder what the cause is. The fact that most people who experience ear and eye pain say it tends to come and go, makes it so that they don’t consider it to be a priority to see a specialist in order to find out what may be causing their ear and eye pain.

Because leaving ear and eye problems undiagnosed can lead to more complications, it’s a good idea to look further into any ear ringing, ear congestion, ear infection, earache, eye twitching and/or eye watering you may be currently experiencing.

Because often times ear ringing and eye pain are related, any pain, noise and/or discomfort you may be feeling can be due to a jaw joint problem. More specifically, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

A bad bite could affect your ears and eyes
A misaligned bite can easily affect other parts of your body, including your eyes and ears. When someone has a misaligned bite, it directly affects the jaw joints and the surrounding jaw and mouth muscles. One of the major jaw joints is the temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ, is the joint that connects your jaw bone to your skull.

Improper TMJ alignment is often associated with a ‘bad bite’, where the teeth do not mesh together correctly. This bad bite often leads to your experiencing a variety of symptoms, including both ear and eye pain. Eye and ear muscles are connected to the jaw joints and bones; a problem with the jaw joints can put additional strain on these muscles, causing pain in these parts of the body.

Because all of this takes place in the mouth and jaw area, dental treatments could be a solution for you.

Dental treatment options for the ringing, pain, and congestion
There are currently many dental options available for TMJ treatment. This includes using a number of temporary orthotics to correct the misalignment, as well as more permanent solutions like a full mouth reconstruction. An orthotic is simply a dental device that’s been specifically made to fit your mouth so that when you wear it, it can began to reposition your jaw back into its proper position.

A full mouth reconstruction may be necessary if your jaw joint or mouth problems require more work than orthotics can offer. A full mouth reconstruction can involve a variety of TMJ treatment methods, which can include adding crowns and/or implants in order to restore your bad bite back to its original position.

Find out if what’s right for you
In order for you to find out why you’re experiencing ear and eye pain, it’s important to seek any dental treatment that could help to relieve this pain you’re currently experiencing. Contact iDental Dilworth today to schedule a consultation. We can be reached at (704) 413-3688

After a thorough evaluation has been done, the next step is determining the best course of action.

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