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Jaw Pain, Cracking, Popping

Many people experience some type of jaw pain during their lifetime, which is most likely caused by a problem with the actual jaw joint. And there are many levels of jaw joint pain, with some people also experiencing swelling, which can make it painful when talking or yawning.

Others may even have trouble opening their mouth. Other problems that can often be experienced include: jaw cracking, jaw popping, jaw locking and jaw clicking.

Because jaw pain is not uncommon and can lead to other health issues, it’s important for you to get a diagnosis. A misaligned bite is one of the more common reasons that you may be experiencing jaw pain, making it a good idea to seek out dental treatment.

Here’s what could be causing your jaw symptoms
Because a misaligned jaw could be affecting your bite, as well as your jaw joints and surrounding muscles, seeking dental treatment is a great place to start when it comes to helping relieve these symptoms.

There are a number of reasons why you may have a misaligned bite, with the most common reasons including missing teeth, broken teeth and crooked teeth. When you have a bad bite, it creates an imbalance in your jaw area that in turn puts a lot of strain on the surrounding jaw joints and muscles.

The fact that jaw clicking, jaw cracking and jaw popping are some of the more common symptoms of TMJ makes it a good idea to seek out a dental solution.

A dental solution for a dental problem
Choosing to seek a dental solution in order to resolve your jaw problems, which could be TMJ, is a good idea because you have lots of options.

These options include having special orthotics made that can correct your bad bite, or possibly having a full mouth reconstruction.

Orthotics are special devices that are to be worn inside the mouth and are specifically made to correct your misaligned bite.

If more work needs to be done than an orthotic can provide then a full mouth reconstruction may be necessary, which can involve using veneers, crowns, dentures, implants, etc.

It’s important to understand that it’s not actually about “moving” the jaw back into its original position, it’s about realigning the jaw. This involves treating the muscles and nerves in a way that allows them to relax so that the jaw joint is able to move itself back into its optimal position.

Find out what’s best for you
In order to find out what dental treatment is going to work best for you, you’re going to first need to have a consultation in order to see if your bad bite could be the cause of your current jaw problems.

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