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Numbness in Arms and Fingers

If you’re someone who’s currently experiencing tingling, numbness and/or soreness in your arms and/or fingers, then you’re probably finding it difficult to go about doing your daily activities.

The high majority of people tend to use their arms, hands and fingers to do what they need to do in their everyday life, so any numbness or pain they may be experiencing is definitely going to be a hindrance.

These annoying symptoms can be due to a number of different reasons, with one of them being related to having a misaligned bite.

It may be caused by your bite
When someone has a misaligned bite, it means that their mouth and jaw aren’t in their correct alignment. When a jaw isn’t in its proper location, it’s going to directly affect the main jaw joint as well as the surrounding muscles and nerves.

The technical term for someone who is experiencing a jaw disorder is TMJ, which stands for the temporomandibular joint. This jaw joint affects other parts of the body including muscles and nerves, so when someone is experiencing problems with their arms and/or fingers it may very well be due to TMJ.

The fact that you’re feeling any form of pain or numbness in your arms and/or fingers means that you may very well have a misaligned bite. This makes it a good idea for you to seek out the dental treatment option that can help realign your misaligned bite back into its correct position.

Dental options to realign your bite
There are many various dental options for the treatment of TMJ, including orthotics and possibly a full mouth reconstruction. An orthotic is a temporary dental device that’s specifically made to fit your mouth with a purpose of realigning your jaw back to its original position by correcting the way your teeth fit together.

When a more permanent solution is required then it may be necessary to have a full mouth reconstruction, which can include using veneers, crowns, dentures, bridges and more in order to correct the misaligned bite that is currently causing the numbness in your arms and/or fingers.

Both of these dental solutions can help relieve any current pain or muscle spasms you’re experiencing because they’re both used to correct a misaligned bite, which is a common reason for feeling numbness and/or tingling in your body.

Find out what’s best for you
In order for us to determine what the best treatment plan is going to be for you, you’re going to need to set up a consultation to discuss all of your available options.

Fortunately, there is a dental solution for treating your numb arms and/or fingers, as well as any other TMJ symptoms you may be having. Call (704) 413-3688 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathryn Sudikoff.

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