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For people who avoid dentists like the plague, sedation dentistry may take away some of their anxiety. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures to a simple tooth cleaning. How it’s used depends on the severity of the fear.

Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. It’s sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” although that’s not entirely accurate. Patients are usually awake with the exception of those who are under general anesthesia.

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Nitrous Oxide

The majority of people who need to make a dentist appointment tend to experience some degree of dental anxiety.

This anxiety can range from their feeling a little uncomfortable to their actually feeling so much fear that they’re scared to even walk into a dentist’s office. Although there are many reasons why someone may have a dental phobia, the main reason is because they don’t want to experience any pain, which is completely understandable.

Now there’s a dental sedation option available for those who are looking for a needle free alternative – nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide: drug free and needle free
Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a drug free and needle free choice for those who feel a lot of dental anxiety when it comes time to go to the dentist’s office.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you’re going to experience any pain, you can simply to choose to use this dental sedation method, which doesn’t require the use of any needles.

There are many advantages to using nitrous oxide:
• A needle free, drug free dental sedation option
• One of the best relaxation methods available to treat dental anxiety
• The sedation amount can be regulated while you’re being treated
• You’re conscious and fully aware of what’s going on while being treated

How it works:
Nitrous oxide is a gas that you inhale that directly affects the central nervous system. It’s considered to be one of the safest methods of dental sedation currently available, and only takes about 5 minutes before you start feeling the effects.

A flexible rubber hood is placed over your nose and then attached to the nitrogen oxide so you can start inhaling the gas that’s going to help prevent your experiencing any pain.

You won’t experience any nausea or fall asleep, and instead you’ll feel some tingling in your hands and feet as well as a general numbness over your entire body, which is going to put you in that relaxation mode that will keep your dental anxiety at bay.

Oral Sedation

Worried about painful dental treatments?

Because so many people experience anxiety and/or fear when it comes to going to the dentist (largely because they’re worried that they’re going to experience pain) many of them simply choose not to go to the dentist.

This is unfortunate as it’s essential to see your dentist at least twice a year in order to ensure that you have good oral health. Since the main reason why someone may avoid going to the dentist is because they don’t want to get a shot, which is often necessary in order to numb the area that needs to be worked on, they simply choose not to go.

Now there’s some options for those of you who have been avoiding making a dentist appointment because you don’t want to experience any pain – oral sedation.
A simple pill to relax through your dental treatment
Oral sedation is a needle free option, and many people who experience anxiety and/or dental fear are choosing to use this dental sedation method these days.

A pill is taken a few hours or so before the dental appointment, which is going to help you be both relaxed and comfortable. Oral sedation is a great option for those who are looking for a needle free option because instead of feeling fear about getting a shot, all they have to do is take a pill.

There are many benefits to oral sedation; it’s a good idea for you to understand what they are if you’re someone who happens to have some anxiety and/or fear when it comes time to go to the dentist.

Get all the benefits of oral sedation
page-images-sedationAn oral sedation pill is able to relieve any anxiety and/or fear you may be experiencing because it’s made using a few oral sedative medications that have been created specifically for this reason.

Because the pill is taken a few hours before the dentist appointment, it will be completely absorbed into your bloodstream. This means by the time you arrive and sit in the dentist’s chair, you’re going to feel completely relaxed and comfortable.

Some of the advantages of oral sedation include:
• A needle free, pain free dental sedation option
• Taken orally in pill form, so easy to administer
• Considered safer than general anaesthesia
• Feeling relaxed during and after the appointment is over; no lingering effects

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