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Snoring Treatment

Stop Snoring Treatment

Is snoring causing a problem for you or a loved one?

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It’s not fun to have a snoring bed partner. It can be very frustrating to share a bed or live with someone who snores. Whether your husband snores, your wife snores or your roommate snores, when you live with someone who has a snoring problem you’re probably not getting very much sleep.

And being kept awake due to somebody else snoring can be especially annoying because they’re still sleeping while you’re laying there wide awake.

Although it’s completely understandable for you to be frustrated because all you want is for them to stop snoring, it’s also important for you to understand that snoring can be a sign of something more serious.

When someone is snoring it could indicate that they’re having breathing problems, which means that they’re much more susceptible to acquiring a sleeping disorder like sleep apnea.

Your snoring could be a dental related problem
There’s a direct relationship between a person’s overall bite and the way their jaw joints are currently positioned that could lead to their having a narrower breathing airway.

Thus, having a bad bite can often lead to snoring and occurs when the jaw joints, jaw bones, teeth and muscles aren’t in complete alignment.

Because having a misaligned jaw can narrow the breathing passage, people who have some form of jaw misalignment are often the ones keeping us up at night.

Fortunately, there are dental treatments that can help you with this problem.

Multiple snoring options
Current dental treatments to help people stop snoring include using a specialized snoring device such as MicroDental MicrO2™ or Somnodent, which is basically a snoring orthodontic, or dental restorations in order to help correct the current position of the bite.

Using a snoring orthotic can be extremely beneficial and resembles a mouthpiece that’s worn by athletes. This particular dental appliance is often used as a snoring solution and works by keeping your lower jaw and tongue forward when sleeping.

Dental restorations may be necessary if it’s deemed that an orthotic isn’t enough to correct the problem, which can involve reshaping the teeth.

Finding a snoring remedy that works is important. For you and the person you’re living with who snores on a regular basis. Not only because snoring is interrupting your sleep, but also because snoring can be a sign as something more serious.

Dental treatments could help stop the snoring
In order for you to be able to understand which of these dental options are going to best work for the person you’re living with, they’re first going to need to have a comprehensive evaluation performed.

Learn more about treatment options for snoring today. Call (704) 413-3688

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