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TMJ Causes

TMJ Causes

The root of the problem
TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) is the term most often used when someone is experiencing problems in their jaw joints and jaw muscles. These jaw-related problems can range in their severity, with some people feeling some minor discomfort and others feeling quite a lot of pain.

When someone is diagnosed with TMJ, it means that their temporomandibular joints are not in their correct alignment. When these joints are not in their proper place it tends to put a lot of additional pressure on the surrounding joints and muscles. This not only directly influences the jaw area because it can often lead to a misaligned bite, it can also cause other problems throughout the entire body.

The different causes of TMJ
There are many different things that can cause TMJ, including genetics, crooked teeth, missing teeth, trauma to the mouth and/or jaw area, teeth grinding or clinching, skull shape, previous dental work and more.

Genetics: Some people are simply genetically predisposed to acquiring TMJ.
Crooked/missing teeth: Any type of bite problem is going to directly affect the temporomandibular joints.
Trauma to mouth and/or jaw area: Includes any jolting injury made to the head, face or neck.
Teeth grinding/clinching: This causes a lot of wear and tear on the teeth, which causes uneven services that can lead to a bad bite.
Skull shape: Anytime your skull is altered (trauma) it can directly affect the temporomandibular joints.
Previous dental work: Too much manipulation of the jaw when dental work is being performed can cause TMJ

Now what?
Because it’s highly likely that the origin of your TMJ is a dental cause, seeking out a dental solution is highly recommended. Finding the best dental solution is always suggested first because TMJ is directly related to the mouth and jaw areas and dentistry specializes in this area.

In order for you to have your misaligned bite fully corrected you’re going to need to have your jaw re-aligned back into its original position, which is going to help relieve your discomfort and/or painful TMJ symptoms.

Depending on exactly what needs to be done to correct your jaw misalignment you may be able to wear an orthotic device to correct your bad bite. If you need more work done than an orthotic can offer, then a full mouth reconstruction may be an option for a more permanent solution.

What’s right for you?
It’s necessary for you to come in for a complete evaluation in order to determine what it is exactly that’s causing your TMJ. Once this is done, the best course of action for your treatment can then be determined.

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