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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Kathryn Sudikoff

Known as one of the Top Charlotte cosmetic dentist, she is the authority and the go to dentist in North Carolina. In addition to being an attentive, caring, professional, and having a keen eye for beauty, Dr. Kathryn Sudikoff is known as a reconstructive dentist around the state for treating patients in her Charlotte dental practice in Dilworth.

Patients come for the reputation and expertise Dr. Sudikoff has earned over the last 20+ years. They come back again and again because there is no better aesthetic or mouth reconstructive dentistry anywhere. She has completed thousands of smile make overs using porcelain veneers, and she is known to be a top veneer dentist. Call for an appointment, and find out why Dr. Sudikoff is your go to dentist in Charlotte.

For years Dr. Sudikoff has focused on keeping her private dental practice small, and personalized.

This is a private practice, in all senses of the word. There is no waiting. There is no juggling of clients. When you are with Dr. Sudikoff, she is focused 100% on designing your cosmetic dentistry needs and maintaining your dental cosmetics and beauty for the rest of your life. Call us today to enjoy the smile you deserve!

Why Is Dr Sudikoff considered the best dentist in Charlotte?

Dr Sudikoff has hundreds of loyal patients not only from Charlotte NC, but from all over the US and Canada.  Dr Sudikoff has received multiple awards as best dentist or reconstructive dentist in Charlotte and in cities such as Dilworth and Myers Park.
You can check her reviews, all over the Internet, where her patients are bragging about how their self confidence, oral health, teeth, smile, their cosmetic dental needs have been satisfied and their self esteem has gone through the roof.

She believes in quality vs quantity. That’s probably why so many people across North Carolina come to see her for porcelain veneers.



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