A very simple and cost effective modern cosmetic dental treatment, dental bonding is used to:

• Repair chipped or cracked teeth
• Cover stains
• Whiten discolored teeth
• Fill gaps between teeth
• Fill teeth damaged by decay (a white filling)
• Protect the root of a tooth that’s been impacted by gum recession


Dental Bonding:

Tooth colored composite resin filling material is typically referred to as bonding.  For many people it is a great way to change the shape or color of your teeth without a huge expense.  The color of the bonding is matched to your teeth and applied with an adhesive, smoothed and polished.  Since it is an additive process the downside of bonding is that over time it can stain and wear.   Dr. Kate Sudikoff’s talent at recreating natural effects from bonding are dramatic. 


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