Beauty is as we have heard in the eye of the beholder, however there are some guidelines in nature that we use to recognise beauty.  What makes a face beautiful?  There are many elements that compose a face.  The dimensions of your eyes, nose and mouth in relationship to each other are what creates each individual to be unique.  Teeth size and shape are the same way.  Each natural tooth has dimensions that are individualistic to itself.  Making a smile “beautiful” can include not only making teeth straight but also include creating the correct dimensions and relationship to each other.  This is called the golden proportion and it is seen throughout nature.  



Orthodontics such as Invisalign is a way to correct the relationship of the teeth to one another.  It takes your teeth and moves them into alignment within another.  This “Straight Smile “ is sometimes all a patient is looking for.  However there are times that the size of the teeth are too small and correction with Invisalign is not enough.  These are times where a combination of  braces and veneers may be a solution.   If you don’t like the color of your teeth or the shape then veneers may be the solution you are looking for.  Veneers instantly change the shape and color of teeth.  

Come into IDental Dilworth and see what your options are for enhancing your smile.   

Today, there aren’t very many cosmetic or dental health issues a trained dentist can’t fix.

That’s a pretty bold statement, but the truth is modern dentistry has produced a number of technologies, material and techniques to help us treat a wide variety of oral health and appearance issues. Here are a few examples of what cosmetic dentistry can do for you:

  • Dental veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that can be coloured to match your natural teeth. In many cases they are very effective at covering up discolorations, and fixing gaps, chips and cracks
  • Dental bonding uses composite resin hardened under a special light to cover up flaws and fix imperfections
  • Dentist supervised teeth whitening is very a cost-effective way brighten teeth that have been stained by foods or drinks, or have yellowed with age
  • Tooth reshaping can change the shape, length or surface of an individual tooth to correct appearance problems as well as bite alignment issues
  • A dental crown covers or caps a damaged or discolored tooth to improve its strength and appearance
  • A dental implant uses a titanium post to replace the roots of a missing tooth. The post is topped with a dental crown to replace the tooth itself
  • A dental bridge can also restore a missing tooth by anchoring a replacement tooth onto adjacent, healthy teeth or dental implants

Today’s orthodontics come in a variety of forms to straighten crooked teeth less noticeably than in years past

If you would like to enhance your smile for cosmetic reasons, health reasons or both, Charlotte dentist Dr Kathryn Sudikoff would love to help you achieve your goals. To learn more about today’s cosmetic dental treatment options, please schedule a free personalized info session.

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