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Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can cause a host of problems. Beyond the obvious appearance issues, a missing tooth can:
• impair your ability to speak and chew effectively
• cause surrounding teeth to drift
• weaken the overall strength of your mouth
• impact your oral health

What is a dental bridge?
When a tooth is missing, a dental bridge is a common treatment option. Essentially, a bridge is created when Charlotte dentist, Dr Sudikoff crowns the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth and places a false tooth in between them.

The standard process has two phases:
Dr Sudikoff installs dental crowns on the adjacent teeth and takes a mold for the custom fabrication of your dental bridge. While the bridge is being made in a dental lab, you’ll wear a temporary bridge to protect your teeth and exposed gums.
When the custom bridge is ready, Dr Sudikoff will remove the temporary bridge and fit you with the final one.
Why choose a bridge?
page-images-bridgesA dental bridge can look, feel and function very much like your natural teeth.

Bridges are made of same materials as a dental crown. They are fixed in place making them different from a removable partial denture. The advantage of a fixed restoration is it is tends to be more solid than removable restorations.

By filling the gap left by a missing tooth, a bridge can:
• improve your appearance
• increase your ability to chew effectively
• ameliorate your jaw joint function
• protect your oral health

A dental bridge is also a very cost effective treatment option that can, in some instances, be better than dental implants.

What’s the best way to replace your missing tooth?
There are several different treatments to replace missing teeth, such as dental bridges, dentures and dental implants. Which one will work best for you depends largely on your individual circumstances. The most effective way to get the best answer is to have a dental examination.

Once Dr Sudikoff has evaluated your oral health and has an understanding of your long-term dental goals she will be able to prescribe the most effective tooth replacement treatment option for you.

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