Same Day Crowns

Restore damaged teeth fast with CEREC same day crowns

A dental crown is, essentially, a protective cap for a damaged or weakened tooth. Cases in which Dr Sudikoff may prescribe a dental crown are:
• To restore and strengthen a tooth after a root canal
• To protect a cracked or broken tooth
• To strengthen a weak tooth, such as one with a very large filling or one that is at risk of cracking or  breaking
• To top a dental implant
• To create the anchor teeth that will support a dental bridge

Dental crowns come in several types
Dental crowns can be made from a wide variety of materials such as:
• all-metal
• porcelain-fused-to-metal
• all-ceramic or porcelain
• resin

Each material has its pros and cons, including:
• cost
• durability
• ease of application
• the length of time it takes to fabricate the restoration.

CEREC crowns offer same day precision
In most cases, a dental crown is sent away to a dental lab to be fabricated, which can take as long as a month. With CEREC same day crowns, Dr Sudikoff creates the crown right here in our Dilworth dental clinic.

Using CAD technology, CEREC crowns are not only very convenient, they are also extremely accurate. That’s because they don’t rely on a dental lab technician using a mould of your teeth to make the crown. Instead, Dr Sudikoff designs your crown based on a computer scan. This allows her complete control over the shape, color and fit.

CEREC crowns come with a few other advantages:
• They look and feel incredibly similar to your natural teeth
• They are biocompatible – meaning they won’t negatively impact your natural tissues
• They are very durable and help to preserve your tooth and prevent breakage
• They are stain resistant

Are CEREC same day crowns for you?
While CEREC crowns are a great treatment option, every situation is different. Dr. Sudikoff will need to perform an examination to determine which type of crown, or other dental restoration, will be best for you.

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