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Does your mouth need a makeover? There’s no need to settle for yellowing or worn teeth. Depend on our experienced veneer dentists in Charlotte, NC, to restore your smile. At iDental, we specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry that ensures your teeth look beautiful again. Enjoy incomparable quality care by coming to us for porcelain veneers.


A veneer is a facing that is made out of a porcelain like material.  Typically brand name materials such as EMPRESS or EMAX are used to create beautiful restorations.  When a veneer is placed some of the tooth enamel is removed to create the shape needed to make the veneer look natural.  The shade and shape of the tooth can be dramatically changed with veneers.   How many veneers do I need?  Many times it is easy to determine yourself.  Look in a mirror and smile.  Count the number of teeth that you see.  Typically a set of veneers is 8 or 10 teeth.  However, sometimes it is just a single tooth or two. We want to hear what your concerns are and work with you to obtain your goals. Please call us for a complimentary cosmetic consultation or schedule one online.

In the 21st century, dentistry has become extremely advanced in the materials that go into the backbone of aesthetic treatments.  Crowns that used to be made with metal are now able to be designed with prettier, more life like materials.   Dark lines and shadows around teeth can be eliminated today with new natural materials.  Isn’t time to upgrade your smile and start laughing out loud more.



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