Mouth Reconstruction

The term full mouth reconstruction may sound intimidating to the uninitiated. If it does to you, we don’t blame you. It does sound a bit like a new reality TV series, The Six Million Dollar Mouth.

Luckily, the truth is a bit different. While a full mouth reconstruction does involve treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth, the goal is to bring a healthy bite relationship back to those who suffer from the painful symptoms of a TMJ disorder or who have severely worn teeth.

What does a full mouth reconstruction do?

When your bite is misaligned,the extra workload can stress the jaw muscles, causing them to tighten. Tight jaw muscles are often what’s behind the painful TMJ symptoms, such as:

• headaches or migraines
• jaw pain
• ear pain or ringing
• tight and sore neck, shoulder and/or back muscles

The first phase of TMJ treatment is to relax those overstressed muscles. Once your jaw muscles have relaxed, Charlotte dentist Dr Sudikoff can determine the most optimal position for your bite.

In many cases, simply retraining the jaw muscles into the more relaxed position is all that’s required to treat TMJ. This is done with a dental orthotic that helps the jaw stay in its most relaxed position. If, however, it’s a dental issue, or issues, that is causing the bite alignment problem, a more permanent solution is in order. That’s where a full mouth reconstruction comes in.

Not only can a full mouth reconstruction relieve painful TMJ symptoms, it can also repair damaged caused by excessive mechanical wear.

What kinds of treatments are involved in a full mouth reconstruction?

Since the goal of a full mouth reconstruction is the proper alignment of your bite, anything that can alter the length, shape, size or positioning of your teeth may be called into play. While every individual is unique, treatments like:
dental veneers
dental bonding
dental implants
dental bridges

are often used for a full mouth reconstruction. The added bonus is often a more beautiful smile.

Is a full mouth reconstruction the best treatment for you?

The start of any successful dental treatment plan is a comprehensive oral examination. Once the root cause, or causes, of the problem has been established the correct combination of treatments can be prescribed.

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